We Have a New Owner!

Welcome to our blog!

You may have noticed some small changes recently at your favorite local coffee shop, and we are excited to officially announce that we are under new ownership! Southbrew's very own barista, Amy, is now the owner of the shop we are excited about many pursuits to expand the shop and make more connections in the wonderful Rocket City community. I would like to personally reach out to Matt and Kacie Aston, the founders of the shop, for the wonderful opportunity to continue what they built! 

Keep an eye out for exciting updates from Southbrew as we strive towards new recipes, new connections, and always consistency and excellence in our service. 


Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasting

So...we've got some big news.  Our search for the finest Southern coffees has found us taking a new step.  We've become accustomed to using coffee sourced from other roasters (thanks so much to Clover Coffee for supplying us for our first year) and started to feel constrained by that fact.  Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Clover Coffee and all they've done to help us, but when using a coffee supplier, just by very nature of them being a supplier, you are forced to purchase what the they have in stock. 

This lead to many long nights, focusing on a very tedious task, to come to the conclusion that we have to start roasting our own coffee.  Not only will it allow us to choose how, and from where our beans are sourced, but it will also allow...

Our First Blog...

Hello, and welcome to our first blog!

We've decided to begin this blog to help educate and inform our customers about the wonderful world of coffee.

We also wanted to tell you, first, a bit about ourselves.

Our coffee shop started with the dream to bring quality, efficiency, and integrity to the coffee world in North Alabama.  Many of the coffee companies we know in the area are only focused on one, or none, of the traits mentioned above.  In the United States 83% of adults drink coffee...