Our First Blog...

Hello, and welcome to our first blog!

We've decided to begin this blog to help educate and inform our customers about the wonderful world of coffee.

We also wanted to tell you, first, a bit about ourselves.

Our coffee shop started with the dream to bring quality, efficiency, and integrity to the coffee world in North Alabama.  Many of the coffee companies we know in the area are only focused on one, or none, of the traits mentioned above.  In the United States 83% of adults drink coffee!  That is a huge number of people, and as you well know, people are very different.  Many people have different tastes and ideas of what "good" coffee is.  Though, we may all be different I think we can agree that helping our local economy is a great idea. 

Southbrew Coffee was started way before the actually building was opened.  It began at a farmer's market in North Alabama.  We were doing our weekend browsing and were blown away by how amazing the local goods were.  The thought entered our mind, "Why aren't these vendors on the shelves in our local grocery stores and restaurants?"  Immediately we began thinking of how to make that happen, and Southbrew Coffee was born.

Coffee has always been our passion, so now we provide our customers with the freshest, locally roasted beans available!  We also serve locally blended teas from Piper&Leaf Tea Company (Huntsville, AL), and goat cheeses from Belle Chevre (Elkmont, AL).  Another passion of ours is providing our customers with local gluten-free baked goods!  Mason Dixon Bakery (Huntsville, AL) creates some of the tastiest gluten-free treats on the planet!

We would love for you to come by and give us a try!

Be looking for our next installment.